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Vitor Brandao

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Hi, I'm Vítor, a software consultant, born and bred in Portugal but now established in the UK.

It's been a long time since I started tinkering with operating systems and programming languages and started building network applications and small websites. Fast forward to the present, I continue as passioned about problem-solving and technical challenges as when I started but I now try to spend most of my time passing the knowledge I acquired throughout the years to other developers through pair-programming, workshops and talks.

My main interests nowadays are Domain-Driven Design, testable code and more recently Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Build your own Neural Network, with PHP!

Mid-level, Other

Curious about all the hype around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Heard of "Neural Networks" and "Deep Learning" but confused about what it really means?

In this talk, you'll see what Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) look like and how they can "learn". And along the way, you'll discover how you can build your own ANN, with PHP of course!

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