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Clinton Ingrams

Speaker Bio

Clinton has been teaching programming (and many other IT-related topics) for over 30 years at FE and HE level. He completed his Masters degree in IT at De Montfort University (Leicester) in 1998, and has been there ever since as a Senior Lecturer. Having first downloaded PHP in 2000, he was invited to start teaching it in 2004.

He is currently delivering Computer Networks to first year students, PHP and Penetration Testing modules to second and final year undergraduate students, and, as a member of the DMU Cyber Technology Institute, has a particular interest in the security of web applications. He also gets involved with industrial/commercial partnerships such as KTPs and consultancy, and has spent many happy months delivering multiple degree modules in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Any spare time is spent with his family, and his double basses.

SOCcing: Responding to a Cyber Incident

Entry-level, Security

The media is full of stories about “hackers” finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in web-accessible systems – not just web applications. You may also have been the target of such an attack. How can you prepare to deal with such incidents, and who are you going to call when you notice you are the latest victim?

What is a SOC and how does it relate to CKC analysis? What is the lifecycle of a cyber security incident? Who should be responsible for overseeing a coordinated response?

All these questions, and many more, will be answered in the talk.

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