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Asmir Mustafic

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Asmir Mustafic is software developer with more that 15 years of experience in building PHP applications. Passionate opensource contributor, Symfony addicted and interested in web technologies as webservices, ORM, XML and many many other.

Building Modular Architectures

Mid-level, Architecture

Long story short: an application is born, an application grows, an application becomes unmaintainable.

Often the functionalities added to the application are independent-enough but they end up anyway in the main code base increasing the code size, complexity and coupling.

A common strategy to raise application maintainability and extensibility is to have external plugins/bundles/modules keeping the application core as smallest as possible.

In this session you will see challenges and solutions when building plugin-based application architectures. By allowing “plugins” you will get third party extensions, independent release cycles, less dependencies and many other advantages.

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